Fire Resistant Battery Container

Fire Champion have recently developed the FRBC (Fire Resistant Battery Container). The FRBC is an innovative product that can be used to protect potentially flammable goods from the threat of fire.

The exceptional insulation properties of the FRBC allows for the safe storage and transportation of high value flammable goods, protecting from the threat of both internal and external fire spread. Under certain conditions, products such as Lithium Batteries have the potential to 'short' leading to 'thermal runaway', which poses a fire risk to the surrounding external environment if such Batteries are not stored appropriately.

The FRBC is therefore the perfect solution for safe storage and transportation of potentially combustible products such as batteries, fireworks and other flammable chemicals. The FRBC acts as a thermal shield, reducing the potential heat transfer.

Dimensions: Standard size: 300 mm x 250 mm x 250 mm

Other Sizes available to order.